Our Story

GFS Ventures is the investment arm of GFS Group, an innovation-driven investment fund with a mission to catalyze widespread blockchain adoption and development. We believe the blockchain technology will drive global economic and social change.

Our goal is to grow and empower the blockchain ecosystem by investing in the most cutting-edge projects with impactful use cases, providing all the necessary support in their journey and raising awareness about the blockchain space among public.

When we began our journey, our team was a handful of blockchain enthusiasts and the blockchain space had only a dozen of early-stage ambitious projects. After years of hard-work and dedication, our team has grown to dozens of highly professional blockchain experts, while the whole blockchain ecosystem has expanded beyond our expectations, with ever-growing innovation and development across continents. We are proud to be part of this global economic and social change and committed to make our contribution by supporting new ideas and initiatives.

Challenge Challenge

Despite the rapid growth of blockchain industry both in terms of technology and adoption, there still remain challenges across sectors, especially when it comes to early-stage projects. We have been in the space long enough to see the rise and fall of many projects, all of which face most, if not all, of the following challenges:

Capital Efficiency

Both in traditional and blockchain industry, start-ups face the first imminent question of capital. Although, millions of dollars have flown into the industry, the most-established companies receive the largest allocations, while the newly emerging ones struggle to take off.

Global Business Network

The blockchain space, due to its open-source and decentralized properties, allows for thousands of ideas start taking shape in no time. However, leveraging the existing tech-stack with a talented team is just a part of the puzzle to success. The other half lies in strong global business networks, which allow to bootstrap the development and adoption of the project. Building long-lasting partnerships and collaborations is paramount for newly emerging projects.

Marketing and Community-building Expertise

Sufficient capital and notable business networks pave the way to gradual adoption and growth; however, the final piece of the puzzle, especially in blockchain space, is marketing and community. The mass adoption of the project can only happen by powerful awareness-raising efforts to effectively convey the benefits of the product and by strong as well as loyal community of supporters who not only help with awareness-raising, but also with the product improvement by providing constant feedback.

The Solution Solution

GFS was born as a result of strong desire to help projects overcome these challenges and enable constant growth of the blockchain industry.


As an investment hub, we are committed to provide sufficient capital for the most cutting-edge ideas to shape.


By leveraging our high expertise and robust business networks, we are able to incubate projects by providing support with business and strategy development, exchange listings and more.

Tech consultancy

Our experienced team of developers and tech-experts can provide valuable consultancy with in-depth review on the tech-stack of the project.

Marketing and Community-building

We are proud to be among the leading marketing and community-building teams in Vietnam, as we take both awareness-raising and community-building very seriously and work hard to be at the forefront.


Octopus Network
DeFi Warrior


Pham Huong
Founder, CEO
Riley Tran
Co-Founder, CIO
An Le
Head of Marketing Solutions
Farruh Tillo
Head of Research


Guojie Liu
Thanh Dinh
Technical Director


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